It had to happen. I spilled my tea all over my Macbook.

So I have to use an old PC. There's Windows 10 on it, but it doesn't feel right. What's the most recommended quick-to-use Linux distribution in 2019?

Also this was my LAST Macbook. I love macOS though, but it's not enough to justify paying so much so you get a ""modern"" laptop without a damn power button and a decent keyboard which shouldn't fail because of some dust.

Fun fact, as I was trying as much as possible to clean my mess, I accidentally turned it on a few times. Because there's NO POWER BUTTON, so any keystroke will turn it on. I hope it didn't cause any additional damage...

It's ""modern"" design.

@Madeorsk J'y pensais oui, je l'avais même utilisée il y a un moment. Ca va se jouer entre Fedora et openSUSE. :)

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