(A lot of "hope" words here. πŸ˜“ )

Also fuck bluetooth headphones and adapters. Fuck this shit.

Audio equipment is meant to age slowly if not at all. If they come with a bundle of "digital tech" stuff it's obvious they won't last as much. I can deal with wires.

@wonderfall Why fuck bluetooth headphones tho ? In my experience they age better than regular headphones

@marsxyz They're a lot more complex, so they're more prone to issues their non-bluetooth counterparts don't have.

Examples : battery, chipsets, DAC... Not to mention they come with technologies (SBC, aptX and its variants) that will inevitably become obsolete.

While a non-bluetooth headphone can live as long as it's not physically broken.

@marsxyz But I don't have issues with people buying them, it's fine. Some might prefer wireless headphones and that's their choice.

I have issues with brands like Apple which are forcing people to buy that, or to purchase an adapter which is likely to be lost (and most people don't want to bother with them).

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