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Banjo et Kazooie dans Smash Ultimate ? Je vais faire mon nostalfag, mais ce serait génial !

Je suis gaucher (littéralement d'ailleurs) donc dans le lot certains n'ont pas survécu...

Mais j'ai eu le "déclic" quand j'ai eu mon Nokia 5 qui m'a coûté 150€. Je me suis dit plus jamais de flagship, pas besoin.

C'est rigolo de mettre côte à côte tous les smartphones qu'on a eu.

On voit l'évolution progressive en taille, encore dans mon cas j'ai refusé d'aller plus loin après le 1+2.

Dans la liste j'ai fait des échanges (S2 <-> Gnex) et j'en ai eu des gratuits (Honor 6 et 1+2).

Also fuck bluetooth headphones and adapters. Fuck this shit.

Audio equipment is meant to age slowly if not at all. If they come with a bundle of "digital tech" stuff it's obvious they won't last as much. I can deal with wires.

Don't get me wrong I hate Google but I don't pay attention to the brand.

Low-end Android phones are either too big for me or don't have headphone jack, unlocked bootloader, etc.

I hope compact phones with headphone jack will survive by the time I'll get my next phone. Hopefully in 3 years at least.

So unfortunately the battery of my Nokia 5 also died. I'll repair it but I think I'll keep it as an emergency phone.

I was a tough choice to choose my next phone, but I ended up going with the Pixel 3a :
- Compact (by today's standards)
- Headphone jack (❤️ )
- Clean Android (while not "pure", still far batter than MIUI/OneUI)
- Great support from Google
- Great camera
- Unlocked bootloader (> root + custom roms in the near future)
- No fucking notches
- Cheap?

I hope I made the right choice...

Game Freak in 2019: we're doing giant Pokémons.

On s'installe pour le qui commence dans une dizaine de minutes !

3 nouveaux épisodes de Black Mirror, allons voir ça.

Finally made it to Elite Smash. It's not that hard to get in there though, but still an achievement. 😄

Le bonheur d'être sur un clavier mécanique après cette horreur de clavier papillon, je ne vous dis pas.

Fun fact, as I was trying as much as possible to clean my mess, I accidentally turned it on a few times. Because there's NO POWER BUTTON, so any keystroke will turn it on. I hope it didn't cause any additional damage...

It's ""modern"" design.

Also this was my LAST Macbook. I love macOS though, but it's not enough to justify paying so much so you get a ""modern"" laptop without a damn power button and a decent keyboard which shouldn't fail because of some dust.

It had to happen. I spilled my tea all over my Macbook.

So I have to use an old PC. There's Windows 10 on it, but it doesn't feel right. What's the most recommended quick-to-use Linux distribution in 2019?

Mon dossier pour la L2 Info est complet et j'aurai une réponse mi-Juin. 😄

J'ai passé l'anxiété administrative et j'ai réussi à faire les démarches. Maintenant je croise les doigts.

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